Title Start Date
Leo Hayes Class Start: 10/08/2020 30 $ 631.00 (Tax incl.)

This is a class for Leo Hayes students only and is conducted at Leo Hayes High School.

***This class will start on a Thursday and not a Tuesday as in previous Leo Hayes classes***

The course is held every Tuesday and Thursday evening over a four week period. Class times are from 3:45 pm to 7:15 pm on each evening. A break will be provided during the evening in order to allow students time for something to eat.

In-car instruction will start once the classroom training has been completed provided the student has their class 7-1 license (beginners license/permit). If the student does not have their beginners license/permit upon completion of the classroom training the driving time can begin once the student has obtained this license. There are 11 hours of in-car instruction to be completed by each student.

***A special bonus for the school. First Rate Driver proudly donates to Leo Hayes for each class conducted at the school.***

For additional information contact us at info@firstratedriver.ca or call at (506) 451-6699.

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You must be 15 years and 10 months old to start your classroom training.