Title Start Date
St. Stephen Christmas Class Start: 12/28/2020 30 $ 675.00 (Tax incl.)

This is a class for St. Stephen and surrounding areas only and is conducted at the Garcelon Civic Centre.

Christmas break classes run from Monday December 28 to Thursday December 31, 2020 (Monday to Thursday of the Christmas break of the local schools).

Class times are from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on each day (a one hour lunch break is scheduled into the program at noon as well as a break in the morning and in the afternoon).

All classes are conducted at Garcelon Civic Centre

In-car instruction will start once the classroom training has been completed provided the student has their class 7-1 license (beginners license/permit). If the student does not have their beginners license/permit upon completion of the classroom training the driving time can begin once the student has obtained this license. There are 11 hours of in-car instruction to be completed by each student.

For additional information contact us at info@firstratedriver.ca or call at 1 888 453-7483.

Register on-line by clicking this link

You must be 15 years and 10 months old to start your classroom training.